Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Product Chatter: 12/23/08

Jeanne: Did you see that MAC released their Dame Edna collection online today?
Karen: aaaahahaha I would totally wear Dame Edna.
Jeanne: The looks are actually very cool
Karen: Varicose violet nail lacquer!!
Jeanne: It hits counter on the 26th, I think.
Karen: Hot Frost looks like David Bowie.
Jeanne: It does.
I dig Kanga-Rouge, though.
Karen: But I would totally wear Divine Night or Kanga Rouge.
Jeanne: Yes.
I'm considering the Kanga Rouge lipstick but I already have so many reds.
Karen: Although I do not look fondly upon pink eyeshadow.
Jeanne: It makes your eyes more green!
Like purple does.
Karen: pink eyeshadow=KABUKI FACE in my house.
Jeanne: I actually wouldn't mind doing a cool kabuki look every once in a while
because, uh, i wear avant garde make-up ALL THE TIME
<-- doesn't
Karen: Whenever I try a red lip, I always start doing the maiko-lip with just the bow, not applying any to the rest of my lips.
And then I go, GODDAMMIT I SMEARED IT and take it off.
Jeanne: I do that too sometimes.
Karen: It's fun.
Jeanne: Just because it's like... I don't really like having lipstick in the corners of my mouth?
Karen: Oh, I hate it.
Jeanne: It makes me feel like the Joker or something.
Karen: I think it makes me look clownish.
Stop reading my mind, goddamit.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

NARS Cosmetics: The Multiple Duo and Multiple Bronzer

Have you heard about what's new from NARS Cosmetics? They've come out with two new products based on the Multiple, which I've already used and loved and written about. So when I got the opportunity to try them out, of course I took it -- and of course I shared with Karen!

First up is the Multiple Duo. I received two (!) of them, in Portofino/Malibu (shimmering coral/pinkish brown; pictured above!) and Orgasm/South Beach (peachy pink with shimmer/shimmering apricot). Since I already had the original Multiple in Orgasm (my goodness!) and already knew that Portofino/Malibu would be the better color match for me, I gave Karen the Orgasm/South Beach duo.

Since I already knew and enjoyed the Multiple in the stick form, I was curious to try it out in the duo. Since it's so creamy, I'm not sure what, if any brush, you would use on it (and Karen even tried before remembering "oh, it's creamy!"), so I've been dabbing it on with my fingers. I've been layering Portofino and Malibu -- again, I love a good coral blush, and particularly like cream blushes, so this is definitely something I'll be using quite a bit.

At the same time, though, I don't think it's something I would use on my lips -- I tried applying Portofino (the coral shade) onto my lips before going out on Sunday and wasn't overwhelmingly thrilled with the results. Then again, I don't really use my other Multiple on my lips very much, mostly just as a cream blush (or highlighter). I might use Malibu (the pinkish brown) as an eyeshadow, though. I'll definitely have to play with it more!

NARS also came out with a new Multiple Bronzer -- exactly what I'd been looking for earlier this summer! I had been hemming and hawing over the existing NARS Multiples (and ultimately couldn't decide between South Beach and Palm Beach, so I didn't buy either) for a cream bronzer stick. Like the original Multiple, it's easy to use -- I swipe it onto my cheekbones and on my nose, then blend with my fingers. Unlike the original Multiple, it's matte and not shimmery, which makes it really look like you've gotten sun and you're not just sparkly. The one pictured here is Malaysia, but I tried out Tuomota, which is for "light to medium complexions with golden undertones" -- again, just perfect for me! (Seriously, this is the second time NARS has sent me the perfect colors. I don't know how she does it!)

Much like the Multiple Duo, though, I don't know if this is really a product I'd use on my lips or on my eyes, though -- yes, it's awesome to have a creamy bronzer stick, but that's about all I can see myself using it for, as I don't think I'd want to put matte golden-brown on my lips (maybe on my eyes, but again, something I'd have to play with).

So, as a fan of the original Multiple, I can say yes, the new variations on the classic are definitely worth having. The duos are convenient and the bronzer definitely fills a gap in my collection (cream bronzer, yay!). Definitely check them out at NARSCosmetics.com -- the Duos are limited edition, so go get them!

images from narscosmetics.com

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bobbi Brown Copper Diamond and Party Collections

I was really excited to get to know some of the women working behind Bobbi Brown Cosmetics when I went to Fashion Week in September, and when they offered to send me some of the new Copper Diamond collection and a few pieces from the Party Collection to test out, I was so excited! So of course I said yes, and I've been playing with them all week.

I've been wearing the Shimmer Brick on my cheeks and the bridge of my nose -- like a bronzer -- for the past week or so. It's a great way to get some extra glow, which has been really helpful because I've been under the weather the past week. It's subtle enough to be an excellent transition-into-winter bronzer for me. Everyone always says you should keep wearing bronzer throughout the winter, but honestly, we're not getting the same amount of sun in winter as we do in summer, so a lighter bronzer, like the Copper Diamond Shimmer Brick, works wonderfully.

Here's the Copper Diamond Shimmer Brick on the right, with the Gold Shimmer Brick that I already owned on the left. (Hooray for Shimmer Bricks!)

Another thing about the Shimmer Brick is that you can also use the individual strips of color as eyeshadow, which I did today. (Since I didn't use any primer, it creased, but that's because it's my eyelids and not the fault of the shadow. Anything and everything will crease on my eyelids. "Crease free" will crease on my eyelids.) But warm-and-neutral-metallics are always a good call for eyeshadow collections, I think.

Plus, um. Yesterday morning I totally dropped it on the bathroom floor, swore a little, picked it up, and found that it didn't break (hooray!!) so I would say that this is safe to travel, especially if you don't want to take a whole ton of eyeshadows -- just one Shimmer Brick and you've got eyeshadows and bronzer/highlighter. Easy. Done. (I took my Gold Shimmer Brick to New York for my first trip last March, and it survived, as you can see.)

I also tried the Copper Diamond Glitter Lip Balm, which I found to be a little brown for me, but I tend to favor more colorful lips overall. That said, for a balm it has really good color and a glitter that's not going to blind people and doesn't feel gritty on the lips. (Since I've been sick and, um, mouth-breathing, my lips aren't in the best of shape for testing out lip products.) I think the Pink Crystal or Crystal Diamond balms would be good picks for stocking stuffers, and I'm tempted by Pink Crystal too. It comes in a circular pot with a little mirror, which is cute, but requires you to apply with your fingers or with a lip brush.

From the Party Collection, I received the Metallic Eye Shadow in Glitz, which is a lovely white-gold shimmer (totally goes well with the Copper Diamond Shimmer Brick colors for that metallics-are-the-new-neutral look), and Martini Glitter Lip Gloss. I've heard a lot of good things about the Metallic Eye Shadows, and Glitz is gorgeous. I'm also thinking of checking out Bash (forest green -- would be so great for a smoky eye) or Indigo Nights (because I am a sucker for metallic navy shadows) or After Hours (ditto for metallic purples).

Martini is a lot of fun -- clear glitter gloss -- to put over any color of lipstick for some more shimmer. It's in a square compact, just like the eyeshadows and blushes, so that it can be popped into a custom palette of all your favorite colors. Like Copper Diamond, though, you need to use your fingers or a lip brush to apply. (I am highly lusting over Velvet Rope, which is a red glitter gloss. Yes, I deeply love Hedwig, why do you ask? Pink Soiree looks to be adorable too...)

All in all, I'm really enjoying what Bobbi Brown has for us this holiday, and highly recommend that you go check them out. The Copper Diamond Shimmer Brick is a total winner and will likely be disappearing off of counters awfully fast... (Curse these limited edition collections!)

Thank you to Bobbi Brown Cosmetics for the opportunity to try out their new collections! I... will probably wind up spending some money on the other colors in them! (I'm talking to you, Velvet Rope and Metallic Eye Shadows...)

images from bobbibrowncosmetics.com and periodicstyle.blogspot.com

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Backstage with MAC - Preen

Click Here

For my second full day of Fashion Week, I went backstage with MAC to the offsite Preen show. Luckily the weather lifted (like magic!), so I walked up 42nd Street from the Bryant Park tents to Espace, where the Preen show was being held, on a beautiful Sunday. I was whisked backstage through the clothes and the chaos to the key artist, James Kaliardos, who created a beautiful -- and totally wearable -- look for Preen.

James' theme for the look was "androgynous portraiture" -- considering each girl as a portrait, and enhancing her own look as she is versus trying to homogenize each girl into a robot. It was about bringing out the features of each girl versus projecting an identical look onto her, with particular emphasis on the eyes, brows, and bone structure.

The coverage was very light, allowing the skin to show through while covering up anything that needed covering. Some of the major players were the MAC Pro Blushcreme "Cherche" used on the eyes along with "Omega" eyeshadow (which everyone should have already, right? I'm pretty sure I do). Cheekbones were contoured with MAC Pro Sculpt, while the high planes of the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose were highlighted with Cream Color Base in Pearl (which, okay, I've been considering buying and might have to). All in all, it's a very natural and easy look.

I've also included the face chart here, buuuut since it wasn't included in the MAC face charts that have been hitting the interwebs, I'll give you a special exclusive treat: here it is -- bigger and better. Who loves you? I do! (Also, who loves her new digital camera with better megapixels? I do!)

I also managed to run into Gordon Espinet, the key artist from the Rosa Cha show, and I caught up with him a little on Rosa Cha (and we chatted about Twitter, of course.) So, from Gordon's Twitter, here are his thoughts on the Preen show:

Another day another lot of Fashion Shows. I am going to Preen. James K is doing the makeup. I always love to see theeir show. 06:27 AM September 07, 2008 from TwitterBerry
James K is doing the demo to show the team the look at Preen. Very soft and focused on skin. Very androgenous. 09:19 AM September 07, 2008 from TwitterBerry
colours like SCULPT, OMEGA, CHERCHE, PEARL and DIM lip erase a must for the Preen Look. 09:21 AM September 07, 2008 from TwitterBerry
Boy brow are back! 09:24 AM September 07, 2008 from TwitterBerry

As a brow girl myself, can't say I'm not glad that brows are back!

Thank you again to MAC Cosmetics, Gordon, and James for allowing me to pop my little head in, ask some questions, and have the wonderful experience of getting to see the masters at work! I had a great time at Fashion Week and hope to do it again soon!

images from periodicstyle.blogspot.com

Backstage with MAC - Rosa Cha

Click Here

This past Saturday, I went backstage for the Rosa Cha Spring 2009 collection to chat with Gordon Espinet of MAC Cosmetics about the look he created for the Rosa Cha show.

I asked Gordon who the Rosa Cha woman is, and he replied that she's a woman who loves. the. beach. She's someone who's fabulous and takes care of herself -- her skin isn't too tan or too pale, but the right amount of healthy glow. "Instead of doing lunch, she goes to the beach," he said.

The key to the Rosa Cha look is the emphasis on the warm beautiful skin, which was achieved with body make-up as well. In addition, he said, the Rosa Cha woman "loves mascara -- too much of it, gobs of mascara." As a mascara fan myself, I totally got it.

I also managed to catch a glimpse of the pedicure going on, which is a gorgeous warm gold polish. Of course, Jamie from The Beauty of Life revealed that it's "Crowned" from Creative Nail Design. It's a great color that I... will likely have to get my hands on. It goes perfectly with the light tan, and will definitely be a great color for next spring. (Also, how gorgeous are those sandals? I love them and must have them, for they are perfect.)

I also got the amazing opportunity to catch up with Gordon backstage at the Preen show on Sunday and ask him how the Rosa Cha show went. He said that it was wonderful, except the show went on right as the horrible rain that Tropical Storm Hannah was dumping on New York. He said that the tents started leaking as the girls were lining up, and all of a sudden he heard a cry from a model -- she'd gotten water in her eye, and unfortunately ProLash (the MAC mascara used on the models -- a whole tube on each girl, Gordon said!) isn't water resistant. So Gordon rushed to the rescue and dabbed her eyes dry. "But I couldn't help thinking it would have been so cool if they'd all come out with Tammy Faye mascara running at the final walk out," Gordon laughed.

Gordon is also one of the MAC artists who's Twittering for MAC, and you can find his Fashion Week coverage at MAC_Gordon_E. Specifically for Rosa Cha, here's what he had to say:

It is gettinf crazy hare at Rosa Cha. There are cameras everywhere and the girls are all wearing too much ProLash mascara 10:54 AM September 06, 2008 from TwitterBerry
The Rosa Cha show was gorgeous. The girls were sand coloured with too much mascaca. I wanna girl's swimsuits. 01:07 PM September 06, 2008 from TwitterBerry

It was a wonderful experience getting to go backstage with MAC! So wonderful that I got to do it again the very next day! Stay tuned for the Preen write-up!

images from periodicstyle.blogspot.com

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Product Chatter: 8/20/08

Kati: I just keep finding more tees EVERYWHERE.
Also I am wearing the perfume today.
It smells like perfume.
Jeanne: Sephora just called me to tell me they're having a Smashbox event on Saturday.
I was going to go to Anthropologie after work today to smell the perfume Annie blogged yesterday.
Kati: Nice!
Jeanne: Yeah, me and Sephora, we're homeslices.
By which I mean, they know I spend my money there.
But honestly, since Cult of Cherry hits counters tomorrow, I... would rather go buy that than Smashbox, maybe?
Kati: ahahaha. That is like me and Starbucks. Except not.
Jeanne: Does Starbucks call you on the phone and ask you to come in?
Because that would be kind of hilarious and awful.
Kati: I WISH. No, just the spending my money there.
Jeanne: Although if the Smashbox people are there on Saturday, I can scold them for discontinuing my favorite thing.
Kati: So true.
Jeanne: And that's, like, the only Smashbox thing I have, too.
My mom has some, though. From QVC.
OMG, I didn't tell you, she got cosmetic surgery done on Monday!
She got her undereyes done.
So now she's just lying in bed with ice on her face.
Kati: Oh man. Ow.
Jeanne: Yesterday I walked in and I saw the phone and her credit card next to her on the bed, and I was like, "MOM. Were you buying things off of QVC without actually looking at them??"
And she was like, "No, I was making a donation."
Kati: ahahaha.
Jeanne: But she did get a package from QVC yesterday.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Product Chatter: 8/13/08

Jeanne: dude, I should have listened to you about the Veganese.
You said it like four different times in four different places and I still bought it like the idiot that I am.
Kati: If I had known you wanted to try it, I would've sent my bottle down.
Jeanne: I was standing in the Lush, all brain-addled from being bleached out, and I was like, "I know I need Daddy-O because it's purple and that's good for bleached hair, but I need a conditioner."
Kati: Yeah.
Jeanne: And they were like, "Marilyn is good for blonde hair." And I was like, "...I don't need a deep conditioner, I just want a conditioner."
Kati: Oh HAY.
Jeanne: And they're like, "Veganese is good for blonde hair!"
And an alarm bell went off in my head, but I was like, "Okay, sure" and like you said, deceptive top notes.
Daddy-O smells like violets and civet.
Kati: Yes, indeed.
Jeanne: And by civet, I mean "cat ass".
Kati: ...Dude, that sucks.
Jeanne: I'm like, "I smell violets! ...And butt."
Kati: I've been pretty down with the Seanik solid shampoo though.
Jeanne: I liked Godiva when I used it in Japan, but it is STRONG
the jasmine scent
And so now whenever I smell it I think of Japan.
Which is weird.
Kati: Although honestly, I think I'm going to stick with alternating John Frieda Sheer Blonde with Herbal Essences Body Envy, because the ES smells fantastic and the Sheer Blonde does actually work for me.
I have stuff like that.
Jeanne: I was using an SLS-free color safe set, but yeah.
I don't know if color-safe means "good for bleached", is the thing.
Kati: Victoria's Secret Strawberries and Champagne always reminds me of being in high school.
Jeanne: But that's why I got the purple shampoo, because I figured it would be better for the bleached hair.
So far I've used it twice and I've been overwhelmed with the smell of my hair.
Kati: Yeah. That was my thing with Veganese.
Jeanne: Yeah. I mean, it's probably a combination of all of it.
My hair just smells really strongly of Veganese.
Kati: True.
I want to like it!
Jeanne: I know!
Kati: I want to like the Veganese.
Jeanne: I do too!
I want to like both of them!
Kati: It's just so hippie smelling!
Jeanne: And now I don't know what to do because I have the two little bottles and I just can't go on like this.
Kati: I have the Veganese staring at me every day in the shower, and I'm like, "...no."
Jeanne: Yeah, I don't know what to do.
I haven't used it enough to know if it's really that different for my hair.
Or if I should just go back to my old shampoo.
Kati: Honestly, I just was like, "I can't take the smell, it's driving me insane, so uh, no."
Even the bestest shampoo and conditioner I will not use if the smell bothers me.
Jeanne: Yeah, it really is driving me crazy.
Kati: It's why I don't always use the product body stuff even though I heart it, because the scent is so strong.
Jeanne: Yeah.
Kati: Although far more delicious than the Veganese.
Jeanne: Yes.
So I guess I'll switch back, then.
I only use it like once a week anyway.
Which isn't as gross as it sounds because a. I'm not supposed to wash my hair all that often anyway and b. I wash it at my boyfriend's.
Kati:Yeah. I'm just disappointed, because pretty much every other lush thing I've liked, you know?
Jeanne: Yeah, for real.
Kati: Yeah.
Jeanne: Boo.
Although I smelled one of their retro washes and it smelled really good.
I find Ghost to be kind of overpowering and lingering too.
Kati: I think I got something from retro lush in my last order.
I do not.
Like, the scent is so strong in the shower, but as soon as I get out there is like no scent.
Jeanne: It sticks to my skin throughout the day.
that's the one
it smells really good
Kati: I either got that one or the other citrus one.
Ah, the other one.
Jeanne: Man, I'm looking at the other conditioners and they're all "the smell lingers in my hair all day!"
And I just don't want to smell my hair all day.
Kati: http://usa.lush.com/cgi-bin/lushdb/01409?expand=retro&vm=r
I'd be okay with it if it smelled really good?
But I have longer hair, so I'm more used to catching whifs of my hair.
...I need a hair cut.
Jeanne: I feel like I'm filling the whole cubicle with patchouli.
Because bleached hair doesn't dry as quickly as unbleached hair, so I wind up going to the office with a full wet head of hair that reeks of patchouli.
Jeanne: I might try American Cream, but jeeeez.
I just don't want to smell something all day.
It makes me queasy.
Kati: I want to, but...the patchouli scares me.
Jeanne: Yeah.
I'll probably just go back to my SLS-free bought-at-Whole-Foods real-hippie stuff.
That doesn't smell all day!!
Kati: Good call.

NARS Cosmetics: Blush, Eyeshadow, and Lipstick!

Yaaay, my first actual product review post!

I've already been a happy NARS Cosmetics customer -- I have a blush, some eyeshadows, a lipstick, and that lovely Multiple Orgasm (ahem). So when NARS asked if I'd like to review a couple of their products, I said yes -- of course I did! And somehow, magically, they sent me some colors that all worked for me, which was even more awesome. They must either be psychic or have some sort of intel on me. (I am guessing psychic.) That or they sent a whole bunch of warm-toned neutrals, crossed their fingers, and I got lucky. Either way, it's all good.

First up is Torrid blush, which is described as "coral with shimmer". Since I'm olive-toned, corals and warm colors are really good for me, I've been finding, so getting a new coral blush to play with is great. The color's really flattering on its own, which is how I've been wearing it. Usually I layer powder blushes over cheek stains, but I can use Torrid on its own. I've been carrying the little compact around with me in my overnight bag as well, and so far it's stayed intact, which is a relief, since I tend to not be super-gentle with my stuff. (For example, this past weekend the bag accompanied me all over San Francisco, including three separate buses and wandering around the Haight.) There's a reason NARS is famous for their blush, and it's because it's good stuff.

Secondly is Promiscuous, a "shimmering honey beige" satin formula lipstick. I will say that I don't really do the dark smoky eye/pale lip look because I don't really like the way I look with pale lips. It's just not my best look. That said, I think Promiscuous is a good choice for a soft pale lip without going too opaque or too light, especially if you have warmer tones in your skin. Who knows, maybe I'll rethink the pale lip. And Promiscuous is a good lipstick to have if I do.

I also received Voyage -- a "golden sand" shimmer single eyeshadow. I have several NARS eyeshadows that I've bought, including Abyssinia (which is pictured above), and I've always been impressed with the softness and quality of their eyeshadows. Voyage is a warm gold-brown with gold shimmer, which would be perfect for wearing as a wash to the office during the day, then easily smoking up with a darker color for night. I think this color would be a lovely wash on someone with blue or blue-green eyes, since the gold would really enhance the blue. However, the pan fell out of the little black packaging upon opening, which alarmed me -- maybe it wasn't glued in tight enough and got knocked loose during shipping, so I have to be careful with it. Unlike Torrid, it can't go traveling around with me, which is a bummer. I was worried that the eyeshadow itself broke (which happens with soft pigment-rich eyeshadows), but it's only the pan... but still, it broke and that makes me a sad Jeanne.

Finally, I also received the Black Orchid mascara, but since I received it during the last month of the second go-round of the Great Mascara Experiment, I haven't managed to try it out yet. I will say that when I read the name of it, I thought, "Oooh, Black Orchid, it is probably a gorgeous purple-black! That will look AWESOME." Somehow I missed the "black" part and jumped right to "orchid" in my mind; Black Orchid is pure black, which is kind of a bummer for me, since I was hoping for purple-black, but there's nothing wrong with a good black mascara, either. Anyone want to let me know what I've missed?

Thank you again to NARS Cosmetics for giving me the chance to try out these colors!

image from narscosmetics.com

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Product Chatter: 8/6/08

Kati: http://sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?categoryId=A17&id=P186507
Jeanne: Yay! On sale!
Kati: Super sale!
I'm just sad their moisturizer is out of stock there.
Jeanne: They're phasing out NP stuff.
That's the thing about Sephora; they'll bring in brands and then get rid of 'em.
Kati: Eh, it's not a huge deal, I can get more when I come visit you.
Or switch brands, I guess, but that sounds like a lot of work.
Jeanne: I think NP sells through napoleonperdis.com too?
Kati: Esp when the system I've got going now can stand up to the kitchen.
Jeanne: Oooh, what's the system?
Kati: Nothing exciting, just NP dream cream (extra moisturizer!) NP primer, and then MAC select SPF.
It's pretty sheer, so I still get red occassionally, but it evens out my skin tone and masks the undereye stuff a bit.
I don't want anything heavy.
Jeanne: Right.
Kati: It's not 100%... but I'm pretty happy with it.
Jeanne: Yeah, I mean, I like You Rebel, but water hits it and game over.
Even if it's cheek stain.
Or gel cheek stain.
I'm going to try the Perfekt stuff next because apparently that's what they use on BL and LM for GG.
Kati: And the thing is, I don't want to look for a new foundation or primer that might make me break out.
Jeanne: Yeah, exactly.
My issue with the Perfekt is that it's expensive and doesn't have SPF, but apparently it's just like a tinted primer?
So I guess I can put it on over my sunscreen.
Kati: It'd be nice to have a tinted primer, but SPF is important to me.
Jeanne: Yeah, for sure.
It would just be an extra step for me since I already do sunscreen.
Kati: Because most of the time I don't bother with sunscreen on the face because I'm not outside THAT much, so I reply on the SPF in my foundation when I am outside.
(I mean, obvs I put sunscreen on if I know I'm going to be outside, but that's rare.)
Jeanne: Yeah, I do sunscreen on my face every day no matter what, because I'm always walking somewhere.
Plus I was so shitty to my skin all through high school and college.
Kati: I just worry about drying out my skin even though I use the neutrogena stuff, so I tend not to use it unless I have to.
Jeanne: Yeah. I use moisturizer with SPF versus the actual sunscreen-in-a-tube kind.
Kati: I need to get some of that for my face.
Jeanne: I use Aveeno, but I bet Neutrogena does one too.
(They're both J&J.)
And Philosophy just started making Hope in a Jar moisturizer with SPF.
Kati: oooh.
Jeanne: Aveeno sponsored the Venus Festival fashion show, so we all got swag.
Kati: Nice.
Jeanne: http://www.drugstore.com/templates/browse/default.asp?catid=21513&cmbProdBrandFilter=7519&trx=BSMMP-7519&trxp1=CP-10209&trxp2=0&trxp3=21513&brand=7519
They even have a build-a-bronze with SPF.
Kati: Nice.
Jeanne: I bet my mom would want me to use that since she gripes about me being so pale.
Kati: Weird.
My mom always gripes when I get sun.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Welcome to Periodic Beauty Reviews!

Hello, and welcome to Periodic Beauty Reviews, or PBR for short! (No, not the beer.)

We started this blog as a companion/spin-off of The Periodic Elements of Style, our shared blog where we write about all sorts of things ranging from beauty to fashion to pop culture, food, and travel.

Recently, we've been wanting to write more beauty product reviews, but it can weigh down a multi-topic blog like Periodic Style if we're just writing about products all the time.

In addition, we follow editorial standards that place monetary limits on what we can put on Periodic Style -- if it's given to us for free and it's worth over $40, we can't put it on Periodic Style. It also makes sense: the whole point of Periodic Style is to focus on things we love and are in our post-college pre-fancy career budget, so a limit of $40 is more than fair for us.

So we've created this spin-off blog just for writing about beauty products and such -- it'll be the same voices, the same style, and our full opinions of things we've tried out. We fully disclose if we've purchased something or received it for our review, because we know it's important to share that with our readers; we also don't believe in posting up press releases. In addition, we'll likely have posts that are just chatting about collections, things we're trying out, and our opinions.

For more product reviews, you can catch us at Total Beauty under the user name "PeriodicStyle".

You can also contact us at the email address periodicstyle at gmail dot com as well.

Thanks for joining us, and we hope you enjoy PBR! (Not necessarily the beer.)

About Jeanne, Kati, and Karen

Here's a quick guide to Jeanne, Kati, and Karen, the three writers behind Periodic Beauty Reviews. You can always find our articles/reviews under the tags "jeanne," "kati", or "karen," respectively, both here at Periodic Beauty Reviews or at The Periodic Elements of Style.


Age: 25
Hair Color: Naturally brunette.
Eye Color: Hazel
Skin Type/Tone: Combination; olive.
Favorite Products to Buy/Review: Lip gloss and lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliners, blushes/bronzers, mascaras, concealers, nail products, body scrubs, body washes, perfume.
Favorite Brands: MAC, BeneFit, DuWop, Stila, Urban Decay, Lancome, Fresh, NARS, Smashbox, Philosophy, Product Body, Bare Escentuals, Bliss, LUSH, OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Aveeno
Always Looking For...: Great colors, natural/organic lines, cute packaging, good scents/flavors, something new and exciting.


Age: 25
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Green
Skin Type/Tone: Dry; pink
Favorite Products to Buy/Review: Lipglosses, Nail Polish, anything that moisturizes.
Favorite Brands: Lush, Product Body, Neutrogena, MAC, Chanel, Philosophy, Stila, Burt's Bees.
Always Looking For...: Things that baby my sensitive skin, matte colors of nail polish that are chip resistant, things with SPF, citrus scents, more coffee.


Age: 25
Hair Color: Medium brown
Eye Color: Green, with glasses
Skin Type/Tone: Dry and sensitive; fair, with freckles
Favorite Products to Buy/Review: Shampoo/conditioner, lotion with SPF 15+, mascara
Favorite Brands: Soap&Glory, Burt's Bees, NARS, Shiseido, Laura Mercier, Boots
Always Looking For...: Vanilla and citrus scents, deep purple eyeliner and nail polishes, pressed powder, high quality natural makeup that lasts, and anti-frizz hair products.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Periodic Beauty Editorial Guidelines

Updated July 2009

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2. Any and all compensated posts on Periodic Beauty Reviews are disclosed as such in the post.

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4. We do not accept link exchange requests; we only link what we like.

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