Wednesday, August 13, 2008

NARS Cosmetics: Blush, Eyeshadow, and Lipstick!

Yaaay, my first actual product review post!

I've already been a happy NARS Cosmetics customer -- I have a blush, some eyeshadows, a lipstick, and that lovely Multiple Orgasm (ahem). So when NARS asked if I'd like to review a couple of their products, I said yes -- of course I did! And somehow, magically, they sent me some colors that all worked for me, which was even more awesome. They must either be psychic or have some sort of intel on me. (I am guessing psychic.) That or they sent a whole bunch of warm-toned neutrals, crossed their fingers, and I got lucky. Either way, it's all good.

First up is Torrid blush, which is described as "coral with shimmer". Since I'm olive-toned, corals and warm colors are really good for me, I've been finding, so getting a new coral blush to play with is great. The color's really flattering on its own, which is how I've been wearing it. Usually I layer powder blushes over cheek stains, but I can use Torrid on its own. I've been carrying the little compact around with me in my overnight bag as well, and so far it's stayed intact, which is a relief, since I tend to not be super-gentle with my stuff. (For example, this past weekend the bag accompanied me all over San Francisco, including three separate buses and wandering around the Haight.) There's a reason NARS is famous for their blush, and it's because it's good stuff.

Secondly is Promiscuous, a "shimmering honey beige" satin formula lipstick. I will say that I don't really do the dark smoky eye/pale lip look because I don't really like the way I look with pale lips. It's just not my best look. That said, I think Promiscuous is a good choice for a soft pale lip without going too opaque or too light, especially if you have warmer tones in your skin. Who knows, maybe I'll rethink the pale lip. And Promiscuous is a good lipstick to have if I do.

I also received Voyage -- a "golden sand" shimmer single eyeshadow. I have several NARS eyeshadows that I've bought, including Abyssinia (which is pictured above), and I've always been impressed with the softness and quality of their eyeshadows. Voyage is a warm gold-brown with gold shimmer, which would be perfect for wearing as a wash to the office during the day, then easily smoking up with a darker color for night. I think this color would be a lovely wash on someone with blue or blue-green eyes, since the gold would really enhance the blue. However, the pan fell out of the little black packaging upon opening, which alarmed me -- maybe it wasn't glued in tight enough and got knocked loose during shipping, so I have to be careful with it. Unlike Torrid, it can't go traveling around with me, which is a bummer. I was worried that the eyeshadow itself broke (which happens with soft pigment-rich eyeshadows), but it's only the pan... but still, it broke and that makes me a sad Jeanne.

Finally, I also received the Black Orchid mascara, but since I received it during the last month of the second go-round of the Great Mascara Experiment, I haven't managed to try it out yet. I will say that when I read the name of it, I thought, "Oooh, Black Orchid, it is probably a gorgeous purple-black! That will look AWESOME." Somehow I missed the "black" part and jumped right to "orchid" in my mind; Black Orchid is pure black, which is kind of a bummer for me, since I was hoping for purple-black, but there's nothing wrong with a good black mascara, either. Anyone want to let me know what I've missed?

Thank you again to NARS Cosmetics for giving me the chance to try out these colors!

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