Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Product Chatter: 8/13/08

Jeanne: dude, I should have listened to you about the Veganese.
You said it like four different times in four different places and I still bought it like the idiot that I am.
Kati: If I had known you wanted to try it, I would've sent my bottle down.
Jeanne: I was standing in the Lush, all brain-addled from being bleached out, and I was like, "I know I need Daddy-O because it's purple and that's good for bleached hair, but I need a conditioner."
Kati: Yeah.
Jeanne: And they were like, "Marilyn is good for blonde hair." And I was like, "...I don't need a deep conditioner, I just want a conditioner."
Kati: Oh HAY.
Jeanne: And they're like, "Veganese is good for blonde hair!"
And an alarm bell went off in my head, but I was like, "Okay, sure" and like you said, deceptive top notes.
Daddy-O smells like violets and civet.
Kati: Yes, indeed.
Jeanne: And by civet, I mean "cat ass".
Kati: ...Dude, that sucks.
Jeanne: I'm like, "I smell violets! ...And butt."
Kati: I've been pretty down with the Seanik solid shampoo though.
Jeanne: I liked Godiva when I used it in Japan, but it is STRONG
the jasmine scent
And so now whenever I smell it I think of Japan.
Which is weird.
Kati: Although honestly, I think I'm going to stick with alternating John Frieda Sheer Blonde with Herbal Essences Body Envy, because the ES smells fantastic and the Sheer Blonde does actually work for me.
I have stuff like that.
Jeanne: I was using an SLS-free color safe set, but yeah.
I don't know if color-safe means "good for bleached", is the thing.
Kati: Victoria's Secret Strawberries and Champagne always reminds me of being in high school.
Jeanne: But that's why I got the purple shampoo, because I figured it would be better for the bleached hair.
So far I've used it twice and I've been overwhelmed with the smell of my hair.
Kati: Yeah. That was my thing with Veganese.
Jeanne: Yeah. I mean, it's probably a combination of all of it.
My hair just smells really strongly of Veganese.
Kati: True.
I want to like it!
Jeanne: I know!
Kati: I want to like the Veganese.
Jeanne: I do too!
I want to like both of them!
Kati: It's just so hippie smelling!
Jeanne: And now I don't know what to do because I have the two little bottles and I just can't go on like this.
Kati: I have the Veganese staring at me every day in the shower, and I'm like, ""
Jeanne: Yeah, I don't know what to do.
I haven't used it enough to know if it's really that different for my hair.
Or if I should just go back to my old shampoo.
Kati: Honestly, I just was like, "I can't take the smell, it's driving me insane, so uh, no."
Even the bestest shampoo and conditioner I will not use if the smell bothers me.
Jeanne: Yeah, it really is driving me crazy.
Kati: It's why I don't always use the product body stuff even though I heart it, because the scent is so strong.
Jeanne: Yeah.
Kati: Although far more delicious than the Veganese.
Jeanne: Yes.
So I guess I'll switch back, then.
I only use it like once a week anyway.
Which isn't as gross as it sounds because a. I'm not supposed to wash my hair all that often anyway and b. I wash it at my boyfriend's.
Kati:Yeah. I'm just disappointed, because pretty much every other lush thing I've liked, you know?
Jeanne: Yeah, for real.
Kati: Yeah.
Jeanne: Boo.
Although I smelled one of their retro washes and it smelled really good.
I find Ghost to be kind of overpowering and lingering too.
Kati: I think I got something from retro lush in my last order.
I do not.
Like, the scent is so strong in the shower, but as soon as I get out there is like no scent.
Jeanne: It sticks to my skin throughout the day.
that's the one
it smells really good
Kati: I either got that one or the other citrus one.
Ah, the other one.
Jeanne: Man, I'm looking at the other conditioners and they're all "the smell lingers in my hair all day!"
And I just don't want to smell my hair all day.
I'd be okay with it if it smelled really good?
But I have longer hair, so I'm more used to catching whifs of my hair.
...I need a hair cut.
Jeanne: I feel like I'm filling the whole cubicle with patchouli.
Because bleached hair doesn't dry as quickly as unbleached hair, so I wind up going to the office with a full wet head of hair that reeks of patchouli.
Jeanne: I might try American Cream, but jeeeez.
I just don't want to smell something all day.
It makes me queasy.
Kati: I want to, but...the patchouli scares me.
Jeanne: Yeah.
I'll probably just go back to my SLS-free bought-at-Whole-Foods real-hippie stuff.
That doesn't smell all day!!
Kati: Good call.

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