Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mascara to the Max!

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Max Factor.

Recently I was given the opportunity from BlogHer to try out the new Max Factor2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper mascara and Vivid Impact Lip Color lipstick. Since mascara and lip products are my absolute weakness, I said yes, of course!

First, let's chat mascara. I already have long dark lashes, which is great, but mascara always adds an extra oomph when I'm going out, especially since I wear glasses. The 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper mascara definitely made my lashes look longer, thicker, and darker, plus added some lift and curl.

But you don't have to take my word for it: I took pictures!

One of my eyes has Lash Plumper mascara on, the other doesn't. Can you guess which is which? (Seriously, this is so easy.)

This is just straight-up mascara on one eye alone, folks -- I didn't bust out the eyelash curler or anything (not even, um, concealer). The other eye is completely bare -- no mascara, no curling, nothing. Just naked eyelashes.

Want to see it again?

Check the bottom lashes -- that's the real story. Boom! Look at those plumped-up lashes on the left!

Do I like the formula? Yes, I do -- it's very long-lasting, even through working out or a long day at the office. Do I like the way it shows on my lashes? Definitely (just take another look at those pictures!). Do I like that the bottom of the bottle is flat so I can stand it up on my bathroom counter? I do (very handy!)!

My only major issue is that the brush is so huge! It's about the size of the tip of my pinky finger (which, granted, is small). I know that the brush is what gives it a lot of the great eye-popping oomph, but I am chronically clumsy and have been known to stick a mascara brush in my eye on more than one occasion. So I have to be very careful to not have a sudden hand twitch and get a giant rubber brush right in the eye. It's just something I have to watch for in particular, and it wouldn't stop me from buying it.

Now, let's talk lipstick! While the color I got to try out, "Pin-Up Pink", is great for the hot spring trend of bubblegum lips (think Drew Barrymore at the Grey Gardens premiere), it's unfortunately not the trend for me. That said, the lipstick itself is great quality stuff. It's super-moisturizing, lasts really well even when drinking from a cup, and you know what else caught my attention? It's unscented. I think this is really interesting and a nice classy touch -- sometimes I don't want to have my lips taste or smell like cupcakes or chocolate-mint or strawberry. It just makes it feel more grown-up and sophisticated to not get a huge whiff of fragrance when I open up a lipstick.

I also think it would work really well if applied lightly like a lipstain -- the dark "Hipster" would be awesome for fall, and you can always take a red lip like "Miss Right" or "Miss Right Now" and apply it very lightly with a lip brush or your fingers to soften the color up for daytime.

I am definitely curious to check out "Miss Right Now", which looks like a great blue-red (seriously, I am so weak for a blue-red, it's not even funny). I really do like the formula a lot, so I would easily go out and pick up another color of Vivid Impact.

Thank you to BlogHer and Max Factor for the chance to try out these products and indulge my weakness for mascara and lipstick -- seriously, does a girl need anything more?

Turns out: she does! And so with BlogHer and Max Factor, I'm giving away a gift pack!

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