Sunday, July 6, 2008

Welcome to Periodic Beauty Reviews!

Hello, and welcome to Periodic Beauty Reviews, or PBR for short! (No, not the beer.)

We started this blog as a companion/spin-off of The Periodic Elements of Style, our shared blog where we write about all sorts of things ranging from beauty to fashion to pop culture, food, and travel.

Recently, we've been wanting to write more beauty product reviews, but it can weigh down a multi-topic blog like Periodic Style if we're just writing about products all the time.

In addition, we follow editorial standards that place monetary limits on what we can put on Periodic Style -- if it's given to us for free and it's worth over $40, we can't put it on Periodic Style. It also makes sense: the whole point of Periodic Style is to focus on things we love and are in our post-college pre-fancy career budget, so a limit of $40 is more than fair for us.

So we've created this spin-off blog just for writing about beauty products and such -- it'll be the same voices, the same style, and our full opinions of things we've tried out. We fully disclose if we've purchased something or received it for our review, because we know it's important to share that with our readers; we also don't believe in posting up press releases. In addition, we'll likely have posts that are just chatting about collections, things we're trying out, and our opinions.

For more product reviews, you can catch us at Total Beauty under the user name "PeriodicStyle".

You can also contact us at the email address periodicstyle at gmail dot com as well.

Thanks for joining us, and we hope you enjoy PBR! (Not necessarily the beer.)

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