Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Product Chatter: 8/6/08

Jeanne: Yay! On sale!
Kati: Super sale!
I'm just sad their moisturizer is out of stock there.
Jeanne: They're phasing out NP stuff.
That's the thing about Sephora; they'll bring in brands and then get rid of 'em.
Kati: Eh, it's not a huge deal, I can get more when I come visit you.
Or switch brands, I guess, but that sounds like a lot of work.
Jeanne: I think NP sells through too?
Kati: Esp when the system I've got going now can stand up to the kitchen.
Jeanne: Oooh, what's the system?
Kati: Nothing exciting, just NP dream cream (extra moisturizer!) NP primer, and then MAC select SPF.
It's pretty sheer, so I still get red occassionally, but it evens out my skin tone and masks the undereye stuff a bit.
I don't want anything heavy.
Jeanne: Right.
Kati: It's not 100%... but I'm pretty happy with it.
Jeanne: Yeah, I mean, I like You Rebel, but water hits it and game over.
Even if it's cheek stain.
Or gel cheek stain.
I'm going to try the Perfekt stuff next because apparently that's what they use on BL and LM for GG.
Kati: And the thing is, I don't want to look for a new foundation or primer that might make me break out.
Jeanne: Yeah, exactly.
My issue with the Perfekt is that it's expensive and doesn't have SPF, but apparently it's just like a tinted primer?
So I guess I can put it on over my sunscreen.
Kati: It'd be nice to have a tinted primer, but SPF is important to me.
Jeanne: Yeah, for sure.
It would just be an extra step for me since I already do sunscreen.
Kati: Because most of the time I don't bother with sunscreen on the face because I'm not outside THAT much, so I reply on the SPF in my foundation when I am outside.
(I mean, obvs I put sunscreen on if I know I'm going to be outside, but that's rare.)
Jeanne: Yeah, I do sunscreen on my face every day no matter what, because I'm always walking somewhere.
Plus I was so shitty to my skin all through high school and college.
Kati: I just worry about drying out my skin even though I use the neutrogena stuff, so I tend not to use it unless I have to.
Jeanne: Yeah. I use moisturizer with SPF versus the actual sunscreen-in-a-tube kind.
Kati: I need to get some of that for my face.
Jeanne: I use Aveeno, but I bet Neutrogena does one too.
(They're both J&J.)
And Philosophy just started making Hope in a Jar moisturizer with SPF.
Kati: oooh.
Jeanne: Aveeno sponsored the Venus Festival fashion show, so we all got swag.
Kati: Nice.
They even have a build-a-bronze with SPF.
Kati: Nice.
Jeanne: I bet my mom would want me to use that since she gripes about me being so pale.
Kati: Weird.
My mom always gripes when I get sun.

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