Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Product Chatter: 8/20/08

Kati: I just keep finding more tees EVERYWHERE.
Also I am wearing the perfume today.
It smells like perfume.
Jeanne: Sephora just called me to tell me they're having a Smashbox event on Saturday.
I was going to go to Anthropologie after work today to smell the perfume Annie blogged yesterday.
Kati: Nice!
Jeanne: Yeah, me and Sephora, we're homeslices.
By which I mean, they know I spend my money there.
But honestly, since Cult of Cherry hits counters tomorrow, I... would rather go buy that than Smashbox, maybe?
Kati: ahahaha. That is like me and Starbucks. Except not.
Jeanne: Does Starbucks call you on the phone and ask you to come in?
Because that would be kind of hilarious and awful.
Kati: I WISH. No, just the spending my money there.
Jeanne: Although if the Smashbox people are there on Saturday, I can scold them for discontinuing my favorite thing.
Kati: So true.
Jeanne: And that's, like, the only Smashbox thing I have, too.
My mom has some, though. From QVC.
OMG, I didn't tell you, she got cosmetic surgery done on Monday!
She got her undereyes done.
So now she's just lying in bed with ice on her face.
Kati: Oh man. Ow.
Jeanne: Yesterday I walked in and I saw the phone and her credit card next to her on the bed, and I was like, "MOM. Were you buying things off of QVC without actually looking at them??"
And she was like, "No, I was making a donation."
Kati: ahahaha.
Jeanne: But she did get a package from QVC yesterday.

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