Thursday, September 11, 2008

Backstage with MAC - Rosa Cha

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This past Saturday, I went backstage for the Rosa Cha Spring 2009 collection to chat with Gordon Espinet of MAC Cosmetics about the look he created for the Rosa Cha show.

I asked Gordon who the Rosa Cha woman is, and he replied that she's a woman who loves. the. beach. She's someone who's fabulous and takes care of herself -- her skin isn't too tan or too pale, but the right amount of healthy glow. "Instead of doing lunch, she goes to the beach," he said.

The key to the Rosa Cha look is the emphasis on the warm beautiful skin, which was achieved with body make-up as well. In addition, he said, the Rosa Cha woman "loves mascara -- too much of it, gobs of mascara." As a mascara fan myself, I totally got it.

I also managed to catch a glimpse of the pedicure going on, which is a gorgeous warm gold polish. Of course, Jamie from The Beauty of Life revealed that it's "Crowned" from Creative Nail Design. It's a great color that I... will likely have to get my hands on. It goes perfectly with the light tan, and will definitely be a great color for next spring. (Also, how gorgeous are those sandals? I love them and must have them, for they are perfect.)

I also got the amazing opportunity to catch up with Gordon backstage at the Preen show on Sunday and ask him how the Rosa Cha show went. He said that it was wonderful, except the show went on right as the horrible rain that Tropical Storm Hannah was dumping on New York. He said that the tents started leaking as the girls were lining up, and all of a sudden he heard a cry from a model -- she'd gotten water in her eye, and unfortunately ProLash (the MAC mascara used on the models -- a whole tube on each girl, Gordon said!) isn't water resistant. So Gordon rushed to the rescue and dabbed her eyes dry. "But I couldn't help thinking it would have been so cool if they'd all come out with Tammy Faye mascara running at the final walk out," Gordon laughed.

Gordon is also one of the MAC artists who's Twittering for MAC, and you can find his Fashion Week coverage at MAC_Gordon_E. Specifically for Rosa Cha, here's what he had to say:

It is gettinf crazy hare at Rosa Cha. There are cameras everywhere and the girls are all wearing too much ProLash mascara 10:54 AM September 06, 2008 from TwitterBerry
The Rosa Cha show was gorgeous. The girls were sand coloured with too much mascaca. I wanna girl's swimsuits. 01:07 PM September 06, 2008 from TwitterBerry

It was a wonderful experience getting to go backstage with MAC! So wonderful that I got to do it again the very next day! Stay tuned for the Preen write-up!

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