Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Product Chatter: 12/23/08

Jeanne: Did you see that MAC released their Dame Edna collection online today?
Karen: aaaahahaha I would totally wear Dame Edna.
Jeanne: The looks are actually very cool
Karen: Varicose violet nail lacquer!!
Jeanne: It hits counter on the 26th, I think.
Karen: Hot Frost looks like David Bowie.
Jeanne: It does.
I dig Kanga-Rouge, though.
Karen: But I would totally wear Divine Night or Kanga Rouge.
Jeanne: Yes.
I'm considering the Kanga Rouge lipstick but I already have so many reds.
Karen: Although I do not look fondly upon pink eyeshadow.
Jeanne: It makes your eyes more green!
Like purple does.
Karen: pink eyeshadow=KABUKI FACE in my house.
Jeanne: I actually wouldn't mind doing a cool kabuki look every once in a while
because, uh, i wear avant garde make-up ALL THE TIME
<-- doesn't
Karen: Whenever I try a red lip, I always start doing the maiko-lip with just the bow, not applying any to the rest of my lips.
And then I go, GODDAMMIT I SMEARED IT and take it off.
Jeanne: I do that too sometimes.
Karen: It's fun.
Jeanne: Just because it's like... I don't really like having lipstick in the corners of my mouth?
Karen: Oh, I hate it.
Jeanne: It makes me feel like the Joker or something.
Karen: I think it makes me look clownish.
Stop reading my mind, goddamit.

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