Thursday, December 11, 2008

NARS Cosmetics: The Multiple Duo and Multiple Bronzer

Have you heard about what's new from NARS Cosmetics? They've come out with two new products based on the Multiple, which I've already used and loved and written about. So when I got the opportunity to try them out, of course I took it -- and of course I shared with Karen!

First up is the Multiple Duo. I received two (!) of them, in Portofino/Malibu (shimmering coral/pinkish brown; pictured above!) and Orgasm/South Beach (peachy pink with shimmer/shimmering apricot). Since I already had the original Multiple in Orgasm (my goodness!) and already knew that Portofino/Malibu would be the better color match for me, I gave Karen the Orgasm/South Beach duo.

Since I already knew and enjoyed the Multiple in the stick form, I was curious to try it out in the duo. Since it's so creamy, I'm not sure what, if any brush, you would use on it (and Karen even tried before remembering "oh, it's creamy!"), so I've been dabbing it on with my fingers. I've been layering Portofino and Malibu -- again, I love a good coral blush, and particularly like cream blushes, so this is definitely something I'll be using quite a bit.

At the same time, though, I don't think it's something I would use on my lips -- I tried applying Portofino (the coral shade) onto my lips before going out on Sunday and wasn't overwhelmingly thrilled with the results. Then again, I don't really use my other Multiple on my lips very much, mostly just as a cream blush (or highlighter). I might use Malibu (the pinkish brown) as an eyeshadow, though. I'll definitely have to play with it more!

NARS also came out with a new Multiple Bronzer -- exactly what I'd been looking for earlier this summer! I had been hemming and hawing over the existing NARS Multiples (and ultimately couldn't decide between South Beach and Palm Beach, so I didn't buy either) for a cream bronzer stick. Like the original Multiple, it's easy to use -- I swipe it onto my cheekbones and on my nose, then blend with my fingers. Unlike the original Multiple, it's matte and not shimmery, which makes it really look like you've gotten sun and you're not just sparkly. The one pictured here is Malaysia, but I tried out Tuomota, which is for "light to medium complexions with golden undertones" -- again, just perfect for me! (Seriously, this is the second time NARS has sent me the perfect colors. I don't know how she does it!)

Much like the Multiple Duo, though, I don't know if this is really a product I'd use on my lips or on my eyes, though -- yes, it's awesome to have a creamy bronzer stick, but that's about all I can see myself using it for, as I don't think I'd want to put matte golden-brown on my lips (maybe on my eyes, but again, something I'd have to play with).

So, as a fan of the original Multiple, I can say yes, the new variations on the classic are definitely worth having. The duos are convenient and the bronzer definitely fills a gap in my collection (cream bronzer, yay!). Definitely check them out at -- the Duos are limited edition, so go get them!

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